PetSafe Stubborn Dog In Ground Fence

Product Description

PetSafe’s Stubborn Dog In-Ground radio fence pet containment system provides your pets that are stubborn or hard to train with freedom and safety while costing thousands less than conventional fencing. Recommended for dogs 30 pounds and up. It’s quick and easy to install, reliable and safe, and with proper training, a very effective solution. A lightweight super receiver is worn on your pet’s collar, which picks up the radio signal and alerts your pet as he nears the underground boundary. Once your pet is properly trained, he will learn to stay in the boundaries designated by the radio fence. Includes 500 feet of boundary wire and 50 boundary flaps, enough to cover about one-third acre.

Model: PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence, PIG00-10777

Model: Bundle – 2 Dog Stubborn Fence by Petsafe

PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence Accessories

Model: Petsafe Stubborn Dog Receiver Collar

Model: PetSafe 500-foot Spool of 20-Gauge, Solid Core Boundary Wire

Model: PetSafe Lightning Protector for Fence Transmitters

Model: PetSafe Rf-1010 Petsafe Stubborn Dog Fence Transmitter

Model: 9 Volt Alkaline Battery Bulk Pack by Energizer

Model: PetSafe In-Ground Deluxe Little-Dog Fence

Model: PetSafe Deluxe In-Ground Fence, PRF-304W

Product Features

  • Fencing: in-ground
  • Dogs: for stubborn dogs over 30 pounds
  • Correction Levels: 5 progressively intense levels
  • Receiver: waterproof
  • Low Battery Indicator: on receiver
  • Transmitter: covers up to 10 acres
  • Tone Only Plus Vibration Mode: yes
  • Additional Collars: sold separately
  • Ground: wires for up to 1/3 acre
  • Boundary Wire: 500ft
  • Boundary Flags: 50
  • Training Guide: yes
  • Installation: instructions and DVD
  • Warranty: limited lifetime warranty

What Do You Get For Your Money?

The PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence has the strongest improvement on the market. A high-quality all round structure, that is well-matched with other PetSafe in-ground systems and an exceptionally good assessment for your money. Their viewpoint when working with pet dogs is that the improvement only needs to be sturdy enough to summon up their awareness so that they progress on the dog barrier as well as their border line training. The modification should be disagreeable but not overpowering. Going too far above the ground is counterproductive, you want your dog to stay approachable to its training. The PetSafe Stubborn is functional for big dogs (100+ lbs) as well as for dogs with low feeling to soreness.

The most excellent quality about this pet collar is that it can operate with the other PetSafe in-ground collars. So you can utilize this collar on big dogs such as great danes, mastiff or with low soreness sensitivity dogs like pit bulls, bulldogs and German shepherds. For petite dogs under 12 lbs, you must use the PetSafe Little Dog. For each one in between, you must apply the PetSafe Deluxe pet collar. All 3 of these are high-quality collars, each of these allow you alter the adjustment stage separately and they function ideally together.


The transmitter is built-in with the stubborn dog along with the basic PetSafe component. It is as well used on the Basic Inground barrier. It functions well and dependably, the only boundaries are that it can only cover ten acres, and it does not contain a battery support. On the transmitter you have all the normal functions; the dial allows you to manage how broad the border is on either side of the border cable. The side button allows you to set up the structure for small, medium as well as for large backyards. The 2 toggles allow you to fasten the border cable. Finally you have the grade lights to inform you that the system is on and that there are no splits in the cable.

WARNING: I saw a review on the PetSafe RF-1010 transmitter used with this containment system. After reading it, I took a look at the circuit board to verify the obviously missing protection circuitry within the unit. Probably all that has saved my unit are the facts I used a separate ground on the perimeter wire and a $12 TII 325-2M outside-grounded signal circuit protector where the wires enter my home, normally used by phone companies, and have the unit power adapter plugged into a GFCI protected wall outlet. If you use this unit, I strongly urge you to use such protection for longer lifespan against voltage line surges and spikes in the RF containment loop and power supply.

Noticeably missing, but provided for on the circuit board, were an outside ground, two diode type transient voltage suppressors, and a fast blow fuse and holder. Still, weak protection at best – but missing.

Our Conclusion

This is actually a nice and reliable in-ground fence for your dogs. It is also worth buying because of its useful functions and features. Check it out today online and secure your dog the right way.